Vice President Ashley Baker

My life in the USPS began as casual clerk throwing the po boxes at the Avondale Station in Paducah, KY. A TRC position came open at the Paducah Carrier Annex and I took it while waiting to take tests to get on an RCA register for 5 offices in my area. 2006 I finally flipped from TRC to RCA. I had multiple dual appointments as casual city carrier and casual clerk. I borrowed myself out to multiple offices during my RCA years.
I had the privilege of working in the same office as my father. He was extremely active in the union and well I stayed working since I was a sub on his route. I went regular when he retired in 2016.  I took a job to support myself and my girls Amber and Faith. I was blessed to love what I was doing. I was just a girl with her radio and the mail taking country drives stuffing mailboxes.
Over the years plenty happened that I did not expect. The sense of pride providing service to my community. The family I gained by getting involved in the association. The passion that I would have to get others involved. Knowledge of the contract and being able to get management to work within it instead of against it. There was fire ignited within me early in my years at the USPS and well its flame gets stronger every year with every change the USPS sends our way. I am invested for the long haul and to see this association into the future strong and empowered.
Ashley Baker