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  The Carrier Information Seminar are small seminars being held across the state. The seminar will last two hours and will be geared to answering your questions. A steward will be on hand to give you the latest information. You do not have to belong to the union to attend. Each seminar begins promply at 6:30 p.m. and ends at 8:30 p.m. Please make plans to join us on this journey of knowledge.

Below is an article from Ryan Clark an RCA from Paducah who attended the seminar.
Carrier Seminars
Just what exactly happens in carrier seminar you ask well here are highlights from Burgers on Wheels Carrier Seminar in Calvert City, KY January 8, 2019.
Christmas parcel delivery – is it a second trip? Treated as a second trip until you hit overtime then compensated for your time. 2nd trip vs. extra trip? That is harder to define. During Christmas time we are technically "on the clock". 2nd trip after you hit 40 miles for the day you get ema (example – 35-mile route, then after you drive 5 miles on 2nd trip rest of mileage gets filed as EMA). Is there a limit on how many 2nd trips you can do a year? – There is language on that where it talks about adequate vehicle…. Argue that the square footage of interior plus the trunk is usually close to the same as a Jeep Wrangler.
Are number of grievances up? – Yes, since 2012 the number of contractual grievances is up
How much harassment do we take over being told to get a bigger vehicle? – If you are given a direct order to get one then file grievance, language states adequate vehicle nothing about what type or how much square footage of useable space – also does not state that we must have a backup vehicle How close are we to getting a new contract? – Should be hearing something in the next 2 weeks or we go to impasse. Unknown what both sides are pushing for. Tell us about the study (sample request)? Some letters do not have the barcode on them? – (papers passed out and several discussions couldn’t hear if anything was re-solved) The handout is to verify the driving studies of the portion of the 5300 routes that were attempted. - If you have an accident and you are not on your line of travel then you will not be covered – line of travel and edit book must match.
Are we supposed to be getting texts on our scanners? – Only safety issues and weather related. Load truck and package look ahead on the scanners? – New RCA’s for the 1st 5 pay periods are on the clock so they are getting paid to use it, after that we do not have to do it. Other than that, it is a city function not a rural. Should there be any discipline for a missed scan? – Hard for management to prove that you had that package. Argument is district percentage or office percentage – it’s not 100% therefore you cannot expect us to be 100% Do we get paid for each scan we make? – During mail count we do.
Can offices that, after mail count, started receiving Amazon packages get an adjustment? – Only if you are going over evaluation continuously – Argument is for Article 92C (unusual condition). Certified mail that is found in your DPS is that still an accountable? – Yes
Sick leave – sick day and not an annual? Do I need a doctor’s excuse for one day? – Depends on management language states that management may require an excuse. As an RCA if you are not scheduled for several days in a row and you go out of town can you tell them no if they call you for work? – They will get you for unavailability. Best thing to do is to submit a leave slip. Vacation, you turn in a leave slip and do not get anything back are you automatically approved after a certain timeframe? – No, make sure you have a signed leave slip. If you have reservations put that on your slip when you submit it.
Safety ambassador and Drivers Trainer - you cannot be elected as a delegate for state convention, national convention, hold a position as an officer and cannot vote at a meeting (except contract votes)
Seat belt laws vs. getting the Postal payout? – We are exempt from KY state law while doing our postal duties but need to investigate that further. Should we park on a busy highway when we cannot get safely into the driveway? – No, if it is an unsafe condition then just notify the customer. Do I have to go to the door to deliver a certified letter to a sex offender? - We do not have to put ourselves in an unsafe position, if you feel unsafe then notify. Long discussion over backing practices and delivering packages to the door (how far is too far to walk) – (too much background noise) Are we allowed to go into overtime? (this was about one RCA vs. another RCA) – It depends on the variables involved in each instance. If we cannot deliver a package because of animal interference do, we need to take a picture to prove it? – No, we are not supposed to be using our phone unless an emergency. Are we allowed to have our phone with us in the office? – Yes, but only used for emergencies. If somebody bought land with the intent on building a subdivision in the future but currently has one new house built where an old home was, do they need to have a CBU now or when? – As carriers we do not solicit mailboxes, that is between the customer and the post-master. Who is responsible for checking the fluids in an LLV? – Not us!
How many ways to we need to notify for a day off? – One way, the method might differ in different offices. If you call in using the system, make sure you rec-ord the conformation number. Some offices prefer you to text the supervisor.
Why should I tell a new RCA to join the union? – The union lobbies as hard for RCA’s as it can. Realize that during contract negotiations is the time to change our contract, however, what do you want to give up getting more for the new employees? The Postal Service will not just allow things to be added without something being taken away somewhere else.
Discussion on how often a formula can be rerun….
And just like that time is up and all seminars end on time till the next seminar folks.
Ryan Clark, RCA Paducah, KY