Chaplain  Billy Clapp

Even the smallest of lights will shine bright in the darkness. I believe that
there are opportunities each day to be a blessing to others if we look for them.
I have had some "hits and misses" while seeking God's will for my daily
walk with Him. One instance I remember happened when I had changed
routes and had been on the new route a short time. I felt prompted to stop and
introduce myself to an elderly lady that lived by herself. After thinking about it, I decided to keep going and stop another time. The next day I saw activity going on at her house and was told that she had passed away the night before. I at once realized that I had missed
God's prompting the previous day. That lesson taught me to pay more attention to that little nudge and that that it's better to take the time than to miss God. I encourage you
to let your light illuminate and to be a blessing each day.
God Bless.