John Hayes
     4200 San Marcos Rd.
     Louisville, KY 40229-1406

 Vice President:
     Barbie Sharp
     364 Norwwod Way
     Louisville, KY 40229-3354

     David Miller- 502-558-6974
     PO Box 43642
     Louisville, KY 40253o

 District E celebrates two fifty year members:


 Vera Parsley awarded as a 60 year member retired out of the Shepherdsville Post Office.  She began on Rural Route 2, which went north out of Shepherdsville.  Currently the territory she served as one route, is being served by Rural Routes 2, 4, 8, 10, 14, and 17.  In sharing her memories of her days as a Rural Carrier, Vera commented that what she missed the most when she retired was the friendships she had made with her customers.



Ada McQuillen awarded as a 50 year member retired out of the Valley Station Post Office.  This post office is now part of Pleasure Ridge Park, or PRP, as it is more commonly known in the Louisville area.  Two of Ada’s daughters followed in her footsteps, Terri Jones retired out of the same post office as her Mom, and Gwen Garrett began her career as the RCA assigned on her Mom’s route and then transferred and retired out of the Jeffersontown Post Office.  When Ada first showed up for the job in heels and a skirt, she was told she might want to come in the next day in comfortable shoes and a pair of her husbands pants.
 Both award recipients were presented with a pin indicating the number of years, a letter signed by NRLCA President Jeanette Dwyer, a NRLCA centennial book, and a set of Rural Carrier prints from the KYRLCA.

District E
Bullitt, Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby
District E - 333 - Members

District E District Meeting
April 15, 2018
The Spring Meeting will be held at the Salt River Masonic Lodge at 158 Duane Way

Mt. Washington,KY.