Secretary/Treasurer Donna Cissell
   Donna serves as the state secretary of the association. She lives in Shepherdsville with her husband Noel and their dog Bella.
2018-Be It Resolved

With the start of a New Year, often we make resolutions to improve our life.  A lot of those resolutions revolve around our health.  What if we also made resolutions about improving the health of our career and our Union membership?  Let’s look ahead to 2018 and what“Union New Year Resolutions”we could have.  Let’s look at what could be on that list.
Maybe recruiting a non‐member in your office is a place to start,     since there’s no traveling  equired and you see them every day.  Another idea could be that you yourself attend your own District meeting.You could sweeten the deal by bringing another rural carrier with you.You could resolve to run for a District office or even be a candidate for a State Board position.
You could also resolve to come to the State Convention   this June, held in Erlanger, KY a state  delegate or just come as a guest.                Keep in  mind that  the Association now pays the elected state delegates to attend. Although the amount may not cover all your expenses, it does offset some of the cost.  As a state delegate you get to vote on resolutions and constitution changes, among other things. If those changes pass, they go on to the NationalConvention.     
If you want to “dive right into the BIG stuff” you can resolve to nominate yourself to be a National Delegate.The National                Convention in 2018 will be in Grand Rapids, Michigan this August.  To attend the National Convention is something that every carrier should do during their career.
So maybe these resolutions aren’t something that interests you and you’re looking for something with a different twist.  Maybe  there’s a new resolution right in your own backyard. Do you have a local steward in your office? Resolve to make a difference by    becoming a local steward and help make a change locally.  Does it matter that you  might be a RMPO office with a local steward in the APO Office? No–EVERY office needs to have its own local steward.  Maybe becoming a local steward is still more than you’d like to take on. Another resolution idea could be to write a resolution or constitution change. If you think there’s something that needs to be changed or even with the contract–writing one o fthese would be a good first step.
So what ever resolution you decide to do–make sure to follow through with it.  Saying you’re going to do something is easy but it’s the follow through that counts the most.  Remember our “UNION” is made up of “U-N- I”.  Enjoy the New Year and be blessed.
Donna Cissell
KYRLCA Secretary/Treasurer