Secretary/Treasurer Donna Cissell
1484 Pine Creek Trail
Shepherdsville, KY 40165
   Donna serves as the state secretary of the association. She lives in Shepherdsville with her husband Noel and their dog Bella.
Time Waits for No One

We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give." Winston Churchill
It seems Christmas was just yesterday but around my house, time is flying. I am preparing for District meetings and state convention as well as National Con-vention with the election of delegates. As always after winter there are a few new potholes in the road toward success. We will get by them and work to-gether for the remainder of the year to be a good one for the Association.
In this issue of the KYRLCA paper, you will find information about serving as a state as well as a national delegate at the conventions. The state meeting will be in Owensboro, KY and the national convention will be in Grapevine, TX. Stand and be counted as one who is interested and involved. Changes begin with resolutions and constitution changes at the district level. From there (if they are adopted) they move to the state convention and on to the national conven-tion for debate and voting. Last year a first-time delegate to the state convention submitted a resolution to the delegates and they passed it. When it came to the floor in Grand Rapids, MI the delegates there agreed it was a good idea and passed it there as well. What a great story!
Thanks to the District Officers that attended the workshop in Morehead. We touched on some valuable information for them to use while conducting their spring meetings. Let me encourage all members, not just the officers, to take time to get involved in your Union! We work as a team. For those who follow sports, you know that you can have the best recruits in the country but if they don’t work as a team, you are watching TV instead of playing ball when the Final Four is going on. If everyone gave 1 hour a month to assisting the Union, think of how great we could be! You would know enough to keep that supervi-sor or Postmaster from harassing you; you could contact your Senator or Representative and impact the vote on important Postal matters; you could mentor and train someone who is just starting their career. Consider the possibilities.
Opportunities come in many forms. Attending a carrier seminar in your area may get the answer to a question you have had about your job for a long time. Don’t miss it. Service is the best opportunity. It allows you to grow as a person, share what you learn, and get better grounded for the future no matter what comes your way. Service is defined as helping others. Are you one of those people who are too busy with your phone or tablet to hold a conversation with another person? Thousands of people play online games rather than spending time with their family. Of course, the kids are online too so what does it matter? Time waits for no one. One day you will look up and life will have passed you by. Will your tombstone say, "died with the highest score" or "loved by many and missed by more"? You decide.
Donna Cissell
KYRLCA Secretary/Treasurer