Secretary/Treasurer Donna Cissell
1484 Pine Creek Trail
Shepherdsville, KY 40165
   Donna serves as the state secretary of the association. She lives in Shepherdsville with her husband Noel and their dog Bella.
Reflections on the Old and New Year

As we approach the end of 2018, as an Association we have a lot to be thankful for this year.  Our Board and Stewards are working together to insure the membership gets the most up to date information we have to share with you.  Our website and newspaper continue to be sources of important information for all members.  Knowledge about your job is more valuable than ever.  Are you doing your part?
Some of the highlights for this year have been exciting to participate in as the State Secretary/Treasurer.  The one project that is nearest to my heart is the successful recognition of our long time members.  I have made it a priority to apply for, receive and recognize our 50, 55, 60, and 65 year members.  While the National Office does not recognize 55 and 65 with special presentations, we are keeping a close eye on every year not just the decades.  Currently we have 27 living members who are celebrating 60 and 65 years of membership.  Four other 60/65 year members have passed from this world this year.  Some we were able to present their awards prior to their death.  Good times and great memories have been shared for all who are participating in this project.
Our 50 and 55 year members are also being recognized.  We have 16 members with 55 years of service and 4 with 50 years of service who have been presented with awards for their longevity of service.  Another 21 applications for 50 years of membership have been applied for at the National Office.  Still another 50 members will be receiving letters to verify they are eligible for 50 year awards.  More than 120 of our members have belonged to this Association for over 50 years. 
And just look at the new members joining each month!  In this paper alone, we have listed 120 new members in 3 months.  You may ask why the about-face in those who wish to be part of a labor union?  Could it be employees are looking to find answers to their questions and not just react to demands from the managers?  Could it be we have discovered that the truth (like it or not) comes from those at the source of the information and not necessarily the internet or a blog page? 
Educating and protecting our new members as well as helping long time members, whether they have been around for 2 years or 200, is the primary responsibility of this Association, its officers, stewards and even the members themselves.  I looked on the Internet for quotes about labor unions to use with my article.  There were so many good ones, I could not choose.  I really liked what former President John Kennedy said about labor unions (look it up).  As far back as Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Harrison, there were quotes about the value of labor unions in this country. 
All of this history does not mean we should stay in the past and not move on to better things.  Quite the contrary, sitting still makes us stagnant.  We need to move forward to keep up with the changes that are occurring in the Postal Service.  The new time study information has not yet been released to the carriers.  I am hopeful we will learn more at the SAC conference in January, 2019.  Congress is trying to privatize the Postal Service at a time when we are working 7 days a week.  Have you written to your Congressman about that?  Our contract is being negotiated and of course we want more from a new contract.  But what will we be asked to give up? 
The list of things to do is long for the upcoming year.  What will your part be in the success of our Association and your job?  Merry Christmas from our house to yours.
Donna Cissell
KYRLCA Secretary/Treasurer