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The following is a page from the
1907 R. F. D. News:
Montgomery Ward & Company
Extend their Heartiest Congratulations
To the Rural Carriers of the
United States On their well-deserved
increase in pay.
We have every reason to feel a personal
interest in the R. F. D. “boys”
And you know it as well as we do. There isn’t one of
you, from Florida to Alaska, but has carried letters and
packages between Montgomery Ward & Co. and
dwellers on your route.
This brings us in close touch with every one of you,
and when you get an increase in pay from the government
we are mighty glad of it.
So we take this page in your official organ just for
the purpose of saying “BULLY FOR YOU” And may
your pay and shadow never grow less.
Sincerely yours,
Montgomery WARD & CO., Branch house, Kansas
City, Chicago
Hope you will enjoy this bit of History.
My, how times have changed!
Joan showing past president Stephanie Endicott some of our memories from the past.