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Contact Congress Now!  IT PASSED!!!!

On Wednesday, February 5, the House  voted on the USPS Fairness Act (H.R. 2382).
We urged you to contact your representative and ask them to vote in favor of this landmark bill that will end
the mandate to prefund USPS retiree healthcare and erase nearly 90 percent of the Postal Service’s financial
losses at no cost to the taxpayer. And you answered the call.
This is a zero-score, widely bipartisan bill with more than 300 co-sponsors. Furthermore,
the bill would improve employee morale, restore the confidence of the broader mailing industry, and place the
USPS back on a level playing field to compete with private-sector shipping companies.
You’ve put in the hard work of getting this bill on the House calendar, but we can’t stop pushing until this
becomes law. The NRLCA, together with the National Association of Letter Carriers, the American
Postal Workers Union, and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union have partnered in support of this vote.
Let’s do our part to make sure more than 600,000 postal employees are heard by our lawmakers.
Stay tuned for updates as to when it goes to vote in the Senate.


Regular Carriers & PTF . . $619.00 . . . . . . . . $23.81
Relief Carriers . . . . . . . . . $248.00 . . . . . . . . . $9.54
ARC’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $248.00 . . . . . . . . $23.81

Bring a Member Competition
Let's play a game KYRLCA! We are holding a drawing at the 2020 KYRLCA State
Convention in Louisville, KY next June and you want in on this! We will be giving away a
$100 gift card to one lucky winner on the Sunday at the State Convention. All you need to 
do to get in on the competition is bring a "uninvolved" KYRLCA union member (new or old)
to the meetings, conferences, etc. For each member you encourage to come and/or bring
you will be put in the drawing! But with that said, here are the rules.
  •       A uninvolved member defines, for this game only, as, a member of the KYRLCA
                whom has never attended a meeting or hasn't attended  a meeting in the last
                3 years. (This will be virified).
  •       Carrier Seminars and District Meetings will get you 1 chance per every 
                 "uninvolved member".
  •        Fall Meeting, Winter Meeting, South Atlantic Conference, and the State Convention
                   will get you 2 chances per every "uninvolved" member.
  •        You may give your chance to the member also.
  •         Must be present at the 2020 KYRLCA State Convention to win.
  •        Competition officially starts this Fall Meeting in Glasgow and ends Sunday at the 
                  2020 State Convention.
    Remember the more you recruit to the meeting more chances you have to win!








**This form must be completed in its entirety.   Please print clearly.*
 I am a member of the ___________________ Rural Letter Carriers’ Association.
Signature of Member: ________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________
City ______________________ State _____________ Zip _______________
I hereby submit the name of: _________________________________________
Address ____________________________________
City__________________________________  State _____________ Zip _______________
as a candidate for delegate to the 2020 National Convention of the
National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association. To the best of my knowledge,
the above nominee qualifies under the provisions set forth in Article VI, Section 2. 

Payment of Retroactive Salary Increases in 2018-2021 National Agreement

The NRLCA has been notified by USPS that all of the retroactive salary
increases included in the 2018-2021 National Agreement are scheduled
to be included in the paychecks for PP06-2020 (March 20, 2020).
This adjustment will include all eligible rural carriers and all retroactive
salary changes negotiated in the new National Agreement.
Posted salary charts have already been adjusted to reflect the
current negotiated salary rates.

Important Information Pertaining to Safety Ambassador/Safety Captain Program

Since 1974, this union has endorsed Article 14 of our contract and our members’ participation in the Safety Captain program. The USPS has “rebranded” the position of Safety Captain as Safety Ambassador, effectively eliminating the Safety Captain position. Unfortunately, the USPS has included duties for the Safety Ambassador position such as observing and reporting safety infractions by rural carriers. Obviously, this would cross the line of what this union has long defined as management work and would subject the member to the restrictions imposed on those performing management duties as defined in our Constitution.
The National Board realizes that there may be many rural carriers, including local stewards, who have been and might still be acting as Safety Captains. Therefore, all rural carriers are hereby notified that the Safety Captain position no longer exists. Carriers who have been acting as Safety Captains will have until close of business on November 15, 2019 to resign and cease acting in that position, to maintain their eligibility to participate as Union officers, stewards or delegates.
Any rural carrier who is acting as a Safety Ambassador will be considered to be acting in a management position.

Your National Board:

National Mobile App
The new NRLCA mobile app is now available for both Apple and Android devices.
Go to Apple (App Store) or Google Play and search for NRLCA to download the free
official NRLCA mobile app.
If you have a current NRLCA website log-in you will use the same log-in for the mobile app.
If you do not have a current website log-in, you can create a log-in through the
NRLCA Mobile App.
We highly recommend that you allow for notifications as the NRLCA will be
sending out important updates.
Your National Board