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October 11-13, 2019
KYRLCA Fall Meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn Express in Glasgow, KY. 
The complete address is Holiday Inn Express 208 Wall Street Glasgow, KY. 
The room rate is $90.00 per night whether you select a king room or 2 queen beds. 
Details about the meeting with an agenda will be posted at a later date. 
To make a reservation for the meeting, call the Holiday Inn Express
at 270-629-2900 and ask for the KYRLCA block of rooms.
  Watch the website and the next newspaper for more details.

RCA Health Insurance Premiums


New Legisalation
New legislation has been introduced on May 2, 2019 for the Federal Employees
Retirement Fairness Act, also known as the Buy Back.  It is H.R. 2478 and provides
"that civilian service in a temporary position after December 31, 1988, may be
creditable service".   Under Section 2.b. states "including temporary employees of the USPS".
Also introduced on April 29, 2019 is a bill titled "USPS Fairness Act" which states to
amend title 5, to repeal the requirement that the USPS prepay future retirement benefits". 
On the website there are form letters printed for your convenience to mail
to your Congressman to request their support.  There are letters there for H. Res. 33
to stop privatization, and H. Res. 54 to maintain 6-day delivery as well.  Click on Legislation,
then Contact Congress, then the letter.  On this website if you click on State Officers,
then Appointed, then PAC there is a list of all the Congressmen's address.  It is recommended
that you send to the local office.
Please try to do this soon as President Jane Virgin and myself will be attending the
Legislative Seminar in Washington D.C., and will be meeting with our Representatives
and/or their Postal Issues staff member.  Your letters, calls, emails will all go a long way
to get their support if we can get enough Carriers to do this.








Distrct C Fall Picnic
October 6 at the Thompkinsville City Park
The meal will begin at 130 with the meat being provided. Please bring a side dish and favorite desert. The picnic will start around 11:00 and end at 4:00.
More details are on the district page.

Important Information Pertaining to Safety Ambassador/Safety Captain Program

Since 1974, this union has endorsed Article 14 of our contract and our members’ participation in the Safety Captain program. The USPS has “rebranded” the position of Safety Captain as Safety Ambassador, effectively eliminating the Safety Captain position. Unfortunately, the USPS has included duties for the Safety Ambassador position such as observing and reporting safety infractions by rural carriers. Obviously, this would cross the line of what this union has long defined as management work and would subject the member to the restrictions imposed on those performing management duties as defined in our Constitution.
The National Board realizes that there may be many rural carriers, including local stewards, who have been and might still be acting as Safety Captains. Therefore, all rural carriers are hereby notified that the Safety Captain position no longer exists. Carriers who have been acting as Safety Captains will have until close of business on November 15, 2019 to resign and cease acting in that position, to maintain their eligibility to participate as Union officers, stewards or delegates.
Any rural carrier who is acting as a Safety Ambassador will be considered to be acting in a management position.

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National Mobile App
The new NRLCA mobile app is now available for both Apple and Android devices.
Go to Apple (App Store) or Google Play and search for NRLCA to download the free
official NRLCA mobile app.
If you have a current NRLCA website log-in you will use the same log-in for the mobile app.
If you do not have a current website log-in, you can create a log-in through the
NRLCA Mobile App.
We highly recommend that you allow for notifications as the NRLCA will be
sending out important updates.
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