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The 42th annual meeting of the South Atlantic Conference will be held January 26-28, 2019
at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 1325 Virginia Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. Room rates are $99 plus
tax, parking included. There will be a $14 parking fee for those staying off-site.
You can contact the Crowne Plaza directly at 1-888-233-9527, ask for the SAC rate.
The cutoff date for reservations is December 31, 2018. The room block is now open for
reservations. Last year it was filled by December first. I encourage you to go ahead and make
your reservations if you plan on going.
Our goal is to provide the membership with as much of the latest information possible
concerning our craft. We provide this information through seminars, invited speakers
from craft and management and Q&A. These conferences also provide you the best opportunity
to spend time with your National Officers.  The conference will adjourn no later than 12:00 PM
on Monday.
Again, if you have a topic that you wish to learn more about contact me or Rebekah and let
 us know. We will do our best to try and cover it.
Kim Harrell

Open Season
 Remember that the Open Season period to make changes to your health insurance
 plan begins on Monday, November 12 and ends on Monday, December 10, 2018. 
 Rate Increase Approved
The U.S. Postal Service’s regulator on Tuesday approved the largest-ever price increase
for the cost of a stamp, cementing a 10 percent spike to bring the price tag for sending a
letter to 55 cents.
The Postal Regulatory Commission approved the jump after determining the Postal Service’s
proposal complied with requirements, such as ensuring any price surge is not more
than inflation. Prices will increase across the agency’s offerings by an average of 2.5 percent,
the inflationary cap.
Individual offerings, such as the stamp for regular, first-class mail, will outpace that rate.
Packages sent as Priority Mail will see costs rise by 5.9 percent, while Priority Mail Express
will have 3.9 percent higher rates. The new prices will go into effect Jan. 27.

Rallie Information For Kentucky Districts
Rallies by all 4 postal unions (NALC, APWU, NRLCA, and NPMHU) was held October 8
throughout the country to say no to privatizing the Postal Service.These rallies were supported
by your fellow carriers and workers of the USPS. Below are some pictures of your local carriers
and some from other states supporting the rallies.

Supporters at
Bowling Green, KY

Evansville Supporters                                                                                                      Oregon Carriers'


   Washington State Supporters





 Postal Serice -Hoax
As most employees of the postal service know the prefunding of our retirement is what our  employers use against us to try and privatize our craft. Below is an article from writer Jim Hightower explaining this. He is a writer for Postal Times.

Jim Hightower – Postal Service “losses” are a hoax
November 15, 2018
Unable to find a fatal flaw in our far-flung public mail delivery network, the anti-Postal Service forces manufactured a fake flaw. In 2006, then-president George W. Bush, congressional Republican leaders, the powerful “privatizer lobby” (including FedEx, UPS and Wall Street speculators) and Koch-funded think tanks and Astroturf front groups colluded to put a one-of-a-kind paper “debt” on the books of USPS. Congress enacted a postal-service “enhancement” provision requiring the public postal corporation to pre-fund the health and pension benefits for all postal-service retirees 75 years in advance! Think about that. This arbitrary, wholly unprecedented, legislated requirement to pay now for the retirement benefits of future employees (including those not even born yet) has piled a false cost of about $5 billion a year on the debit side of the agency’s balance sheet.
By cooking the books with this false entry, the right wing has been able to wail that our Postal Service is broke and continuing to bleed money, endangering taxpayers with a massive bailout. As you’d expect, Fox News and the entire gaggle of alt-right media screechers keep flinging this falsehood far and wide. And this year, their most gullible fan and leader of the “free world” has joined the fling-fest, bloviating in serial tweets about “our money losing post office” and, in the official text of his executive order to form a postal task force, rubber-stamped the Chicken Little myth that “USPS is on an unsustainable financial path and must be restructured.”
Chances are that you, too, have been caught up in their lie, because supposedly responsible, mainstream news sources (Washington Post, AP, network TV channels, NPR, etc.) have swallowed it whole and routinely repeat it unedited and in unison. At the end of each fiscal year, when USPS is compelled by law to announce yet another multibillion-dollar “loss,” mass media outlets report the dramatic number without explaining the bookkeeping hoax hidden in it.
This artificial, 75-year pre-funding decree is an absurd burden that no other corporation or government agency is forced to carry. Take it away, and voila! The Postal Service is a moneymaker. Since 2014, it has posted operating profits totaling $2.7 billion — a healthy average of $900 million a year.

S. Res 633 Introduced
UPDATE – H. Res 993 now has 219 cosponsors. Yeah! Past the majority.  S. Res 633 is up to 41, 10 more to go to reach majority

On September 18, 2018, Senator McCaskill introduced S. Res 633 -  a resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that Congress should take all appropriate measures to ensure that the United States Postal Service remains an independent establishment of the Federal Government and is not subject to privatization.  The bill currently has 27 cosponsors.  Please contact your Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul and request they cosponsor this bill.
This bill is the Senate version of the House of Representatives resolution H. Res 993, which currently has 196 cosponsors.  Of those only Representative John Yarmuth has signed as a cosponsor for Kentucky.  Please contact your Representative and request they support you by signing as a cosponsor.  I have already delivered political mail from my Representative requesting my vote in the Fall elections.  I am looking forward to supporting anyone who is willing to support me.
S. Res 663 has 32 cosponsors in only 6 days.   It was introduced on 9/18/18 and on 9/26/18 had 32 cosponsors.  The Senate majority is 51.

The House version H. Res 993 as of 9/26/18 has 204 cosponsors.  The House majority is 218.

Of the Kentucky Senators and Representatives only Representative John Yarmuth has cosigned on these bills.  Please contact your Representative and the KY Senators to ask them to cosponsor these bills to protect the United States Postal Service from privatization.