President Jane Virgin
1324 Pleasant Valley Rd
Providence, KYn 42450

 Union Strength
Welcome to all who are reading this newsletter. This issue has been mailed to members and nonmembers. I hope everyone enjoys the information throughout. By definition, a union is an organization of workers joined together to protect their common interests and improving working conditions through collective bargaining. Only members can have the full website at, become union stewards, vote on officers or hold office in the union.  Also, only members can vote on proposed contracts and have union provided aid with Workers’ Compensation claims.
     A collective bargaining agreement is made between the labor union and the employer which sets terms for employment also known as a contract.  Management cannot reduce wages or change working conditions without negotiations. Union members are entitled on voting on any changes.  The contract is set for a timeframe and cannot be changed without notice. Union enforces the contract with the grievance procedures.
     Benefits of collective bargaining include higher wages, better health care benefits, and much higher percentage of guaranteed pension versus the non-union workplace.  You cannot be involuntarily reassigned to another craft in the postal service, therefore, no other craft can be reassigned to rural craft.
     Our Winter State Meeting was held in February in Morehead. We were nestled in a scenic area of Kentucky.  This is the home of the Past National President Scottie Hicks.  During the meeting, we had Q and A with a Carrier Seminar for both members and nonmembers with the Stewards present.  Carriers came loaded with questions pertaining to their jobs. The Stewards were prepared to answer and all in attendance were able to leave the seminar with more power and knowledge.
Our two Kentucky South Atlantic Conference Board Members are Kim Harrell and Rebekah Zemo. Kim is now SAC Vice President and Rebekah just finished her first year on the SAC Board. Rebekah gave highlights of  the numerous and informational sessions of the conference. Kim shared results of a broad survey of over five hundred in attendance. SAC meets in Atlanta and it has met in the same hotel close to the airport for many years. The contract is up in two years and the SAC Board wanted input from all who attended that were willing to honestly answer what improvements if needed they would recommend.  Many comments were added to the survey and were appreciated.
The Stewards also updated us with the latest information on topics of concern. We also asked for them to share information about the Matrix and how to file a grievance. The Stewards were thorough in their presentation resulting with several questions about these two topics. Please let me know what topics you would like to learn more about at our next state meeting. That will be our June State Convention in Owensboro.
Please make sure to attend your Spring District Meeting. Time and Place can be found in this issue and on the website.
 Consider joining our Association. Members please take advantage of every opportunity to attend meetings.There is truly strength in numbers. God Bless
Jane Dell Virgin
President of KYRLCA