Board Member Kyla Spencer
1491 Palma Road
Benton, KY 42025

 Safety First

Are you being safe or becoming complacent? We hear it every day, be safe, watch for the other driver. Are we really listening or watching? We come in and basically do the same thing every day, but the road conditions change on daily basis especially this time of year when the weather is constantly changing. Last couple of weeks we have had some bitter cold temperatures then its suddenly 60 degrees out. This week in the western end of state we have had torrential rain and flooding. Yesterday I had a bridge wash out that’s a deadend road. I came down the road wishing the rain would just let up and whoa! Bridge was gone! It had been there that morning when people left for work but at noon, I was first to run up on the washed-out bridge. Was I being complacent? Maybe, of course we can’t be perfect all the time, but we really need to be on top of every situation. If I hadn’t been paying attention the outcome would have been very different. So, let’s not get complacent in our everyday routine. Stay safe out there.

Kyla Spencer, KYRLCA Board