President Margie McDaniel
229 Barbara Sue Lane
Mt. Washington, KY 40047
  There are many levels of involvement in this Association, the majority, by far, are the dues paying members who choose to
not get any more involved than that. They are the backbone on   which the entire Association is built. If you happen to work beside
someone who is not a member, encourage them to get involved   at that level. All the wages and benefits are negotiated by the
Union. On its own it is entirely possible that the USPS would give us as little as possible. In fact, without our National Agreement, I
am sure they would take many of our benefits from us. Those in the greatest level of involvement are the National Officers who
leave their homes, and in some cases their families, to serve us from offices located at Alexandria, VA. Any Rural Carrier can work  toward

that end goal; it is your right as a member.  There are many levels of involvement between the two. I want to personally thank you for your current level of involvement and to challenge you to take another step. You won't be sorry you did.
In the words of the Dalai Lama
"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."

The District Spring Meetings are going to come up quick. You may attend, submit or vote on Resolutions or Constitution
changes, run for or vote on elected Officers, and participate in Question and Answer seminars with the National Stewards. You
may attend any of the State meetings. The next two coming up are the Winter Booster Meeting in February and the State Convention
in June. Meeting information is in this issue. At the Winter Meeting you may attend the TSP webinar – a first for us, the
RCA seminar, or the Labor Seminar with the National Stewards. The State Convention has more opportunities for involvement
due to the volume of business that must be conducted. Much of what began at the District level will go before the delegates at
the convention where a favorable vote will advance it to the National Convention. I would be happy to assist you in taking a step toward
greater involvement!

Margie McDaniel, KYRLCA President