Congratulations to Retirees

Kentucky RLCA Dues 
Designation           Annual            Amount Per Pay Period
Regular                   $545.00                        $20.96
PTF                            $545.00                        $20.96
Relief/ARC           $228.00                            $8.77
Retiree                    $112.00                         $9.33 per month

The state has been notified by the National Office that due to a COLA being received by the rural carriers, there will be a dues increase.  Please refer to NRLCA Constitution Article III section 6.
The estimated date of the increase is PP 11-17.
If you are recruiting, please use the new rate of dues as that is what will be in effect when they begin to pay dues. 

Also note: This is a national dues increase.  The state is not receiving a penny of this increase.  The state has not had a dues increase since the National Steward System became effective; in fact, we have had a dues decease to the funds for the state.

Congratulations to Retiree's and continuing members
Gwen Garrett_________________________Louisville
Lynn Tuell_____________________________ Brandenburg

Recently Retiree’s

Pauletta Arvin_________________________ Beattyville
Bill Bradshaw__________________________ Ashland
Joe Calvert_____________________________ Morehead
Brenda Foster__________________________ Danville
Randal Hubbs__________________________ Williamsburg
Jean Macht_____________________________ Alexandria
Sherry Willoughby_____________________ Jeffersonville
Roger Tooley___________________________ Calhoun
Edward Brow___________________________ Russellville
Sue East _________________________________Elizabethtown
Linda Morgan Craven___________________ Louisville