National General Insurance    

Don’t forget to get a quote with National General

Any Rural Carrier, not just a union member, can call National General for a free quote on insurance.  All carriers and their family members have access to the NRLCA Insurance Marketplace, through National General Insurance.  They have covered Rural Carriers for over 63 years.

Often, I tell Rural Carriers about the offer National General runs.  You can get a $10 visa gift card just for calling 1-888-325-7727 and use the code RRP to get a quote on Auto insurance. No obligation to buy, just get the free quote.   National General offers many types of insurance (Home, Auto, POV, ATV, Boat, or RV).  They also do renters insurance, umbrella policies, and flood policies.

Rural Carrier who drive a POV’s should get a quote.  Why, because National General is very experienced with the Tort Claims Act.  This law that applies to you if you are in an accident on your Route.   National General has been working with and covering Rural Carriers since 1953, let their experience work for you. Call them today for a quote, get your $10 visa gift card.

KYRLCA NGI Auto Representative