Oak Leaf Society


An oak tree has roots to supply resources and a strong bole to support limbs which hold the leaves. The leaves in turn produce the nourishment for the entire tree. The Kentucky Rural Letter Carriers’ Association is like an oak tree with the Association being the roots, bole and limbs and the members as the leaves. All members are the leaves on the Association’s tree receiving support in their careers as Rural Carriers and returning nourishment to keep it strong.
Throughout the history of the Association there have been members, so dedicated, who have given their time and efforts to such a degree that they should be recognized. We have chosen to keep these people in our hearts and the minds by inducting them into an honorific to be known as The Oak Leaf Society.
To become a member of The Oak Leaf Society a member is not required to hold a specific office but to show a dedication to the Kentucky Rural Letter Carriers’ Association. They should have worked in the Association to strengthen it, to promote fellowship and to have shown the Association in a good light to a higher degree than would be ordinarily expected.