PAC Chair    Margie McDaniel
Hall of Fame Induction
 Margie was appointed to the position as PAC Chair at the 2017 state convention held in Pikeville. She is looking forward to the task of raising monies for the education of postal issues to our Senators and Congressman.
If you have any suggestions on promoting PAC with auctions, competition between districts or whatever please share with Margie.
Our silent auction at the Fall Meeting raised over $1414.00.  Give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. Way to go Kentucky!

Larry Baker challenged each of us to donate one days pay to PAC. His educating people of this importance was followed with instilling in them the need to continually contact members of the house and senate on postal issues. His passion for PAC was recently rewarded at the national convention. Each year the NRLCA selects an outstanding member to induct into the PAC Hall of Fame. This year Larry Baker was the selected for this honor. While accepting this honor he had one more callenge for the memers. It was to take the first step in getting involved, after that the second and third steps are always easier. Larrys legacy for PAC will live on through those he has educated and encourged to give a llittle more to the issues. Congratulations Larry on this honor.