PAC Chair   
Margie McDaniel

The USPS Needs You

The President of the United States put out a proposal to overhaul the federal government on June 21, 2018. Included in this proposal is privatizing the Postal Service, allowing a private company to come in and buy the Postal Service. Should this happen the first thing that would not exist anymore are the Unions. With no Union, there is no contract. Your wages, holidays, annual and sick leave would no longer exist as we know them. We would no longer be a Federal agency, so we would not belong to Federal benefit programs like health insurance and retirement options.
Those are some of the effects on Postal employees personally. What about our customers? How many of you serve a little gravel road with multiple family homes some that get only a few pieces of mail in a week? Those would not be beneficial for a private company to serve daily. The boxes may be moved to a more centralized location requiring the customer to travel to collect their mail, and possibly limiting the days of service to be cost effective.
House Resolution 993 was introduced on July 16, 2018, it states that Congress should take all appropriate measures to ensure that the United States Postal Service remain an independent establishment of the Federal Government and is not subject to privatization. Since that time this bill currently has 114 cospon-sors. It requires 218 to take it to the next step, I am not proud to report that Kentucky has 0 cosponsors from our Congressional Representatives. Fellow Rural Carriers this is going to take all of us taking a minute to write, email or call our individual Representatives to request they cosponsor this bill. The Congressmen are only going to pay attention to the constituents of their Districts. They are further only going to consider the issue if they receive a substantial number of requests from those District members. They are only going to sign on if they are overwhelming convinced that it matters to the District members they repre-sent. Please request those in your circle of influence contact them as well and simply ask your Congressional Representative to cosponsor H. Res. 993.
Finally, I am going to ask you to give. Because of the Federal Election Commission laws governing contributions to any PAC, the State is extremely limited on what it can do to raise money for this very important fund. No Union dues are part of PAC. A contribution of $5.00 per member would put give us a record high. That is not per week or pay period, although that would be welcome; that is per year. Are the wages and benefits you currently receive worth a few dollars to ensure they continue? You can send that contribution to me directly, and I will return a Donor Receipt to you, as well as, record the amount in the State records, and forward all contributions to the National office. Any checks must be made payable to NRLCA PAC. Please contact me if you have any ques-tions or require any help in making this minimal donation, I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Margie McDaniel, KYRLCA PAC REP