~The Origins of the Provident Guild~

On July 22nd, 1931, seven Rural Carriers met in conjunction with a State Carriers’ Meeting at Mount Vernon, Ohio. They agreed to sponsor a fraternity to be known as “The Rural Carriers’ Provident Guild”. Its purpose was to develop a spirit of brotherly love among its members and to provide financial relief to the beneficiaries or the dependents of deceased members of the Guild. Officers were elected and the Secretary was directed to proceed with the completion of the details of the plan to place the proposition in operation. The next meeting was set for September 4th in London, Ohio, at which time the organic law is adopted.

In 1937, Brian Barnes of Williamstown Kentucky, was elected to serve as president. Also a committeeman and three directors representing the states of Washington, Ohio and Minnesota were elected. Up to this time there had been a total of seventy- five certificates issued, and the first claim was paid in that year.

Meetings were held twice a year until World War II. In 1948, the National Rural Letter Carriers Association adopted the Guild as the official Death Benefit Department. In 1950, the Guild began to meet just prior to the National Convention and has continued to do so.

Such a humble and sincere beginning, the Provident Guild was created by rural carriers for rural carriers. So please let that give you a sense of ease as you decide whether to join and keep in mind, the earlier you join the more your family may benefit, as you can choose a higher class of dues the younger you are. You can only enter the program until you reach age 56. If you are under age 35, you can choose to invest annual dues of $40 or $50. If you are under age 40 your dues class is $30. Under age 45 the dues class is $20. Under age 50 it’s $15 and under age 56 it’s $10. Simply fill out the membership form and submit the annual dues for the class you’ve chosen.

The Provident Guild guarantees your beneficiary an immediate relief check for 30% of the maximum payment, with the balance being paid in August,provided the claim form and death certificate are mailed to Secretary Treasurer Diana Hausfeld within 60 days. Death claims for the fiscal year ending midnight June 30th must be filed in the Secretary Treasurer’s office not later than midnight July 30th. In the event a death claim is filed after the July 30th deadline, no benefit will be paid.

If this death benefit sounds like something you would like more information on, please contact Stephanie.

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