Tentative National Agreement Ratification 
Process Updates

Kentucky will hold their meeting, Saturday, July 20 at the American Legion Hardin Post 113 at 1251 Ring road Elizabethtown, KY 42701.
                  Time will be 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. EDT.  National Officer Ronnie Stutts will conduct the meeting.
Ratification Process Information
 is found in the language from Article XI of the 2018-2019 NRLCA National Constitution that outlines the Ratification Process.


The Tentative Agreement that was signed by the parties on May 31, 2019 is being prepared to be placed on the NRLCA Website and is being mailed to all NRLCA Bargaining Unit Members in the mid-June 18-21, 2019 timeframe.

Ratification Meetings:

The National Board has been working with each State/Territory Association to coordinate one ratification meeting within their state. A National Officer will be scheduled to attend each meeting to present and explain the provisions of the Tentative Agreement.

The meeting details of date, time and location for each are identified in the attachment to this bulletin, have been posted on the NRLCA Website and in the forthcoming special contract magazine.

Retired members are not prohibited from attending the meetings. However, since retired members have no legal right to receive a ballot or to vote in the ratification process, the NRLCA is not required to notify this membership class of the ratification meetings. Therefore the special magazine issue is going only to active craft members and to those retired members who are on the special magazine request list.

Each meeting that is to be conducted by the attending National Officer is a Closed Union Meeting. The definition of Closed Union Meeting, for this purpose, is a meeting that is open only to NRLCA bargaining unit and retired members. No Associate members or guests are allowed. Eligible attendees must bring their received copy of the special magazine with them (as stated within the special magazine) or provide other acceptable proof of NRLCA membership.

If the State Secretary-Treasurer is in attendance at the meeting, we ask the State Secretary-Treasurer to be the point of contact at the door to verify appropriate membership for access. If the State Secretary-Treasurer is not going to be in attendance, we ask that the NSS District Representative or another designated State Officer in attendance check for appropriate membership credentials.

If non-members are identified at the door, it is acceptable for them to sign an 1187 membership form at the door. Then, they may be given access to the meeting as a NRLCA member.

We ask that the State Secretary-Treasurer ensure that there is a sufficient supply of 1187 membership forms in attendance with them and or the NSS District Representative or Designated State Officer.

May members attend a ratification meeting held in another state that maybe closer or on a different date?
The National Board does not have an issue if an eligible member from one state wishes to attend the ratification meeting of another neighboring state due to the geographic location , time, date for the member as long as it does not impede on the meeting space access for the members of that state to attend. In addition since the National called Ratification meeting(s) are a closed Union meeting the attending member would need to show their copy of the received special magazine or some other acceptable form of membership to gain access to that states meeting.

Ratification Vote:

Since this process is, in part, contingent upon meeting certain legal timeframes, the following information is very important.

We have scheduled for the ratification ballot packages to be placed in the mail stream on July 9, 2019. Therefore, a cutoff date for posting membership must be established in order to prepare for the mailing. The date of 12:00 midnight, Friday, June 28, 2019 is the cutoff date for membership to be posted in the NRLCA Membership Database.

This means it is very important for each State Secretary to process all membership applications that they have received prior to that deadline date. Those new memberships then should be remitted to the National Office for further processing by first class or priority mail on the next business day of Saturday, June 29, 2019.

In turn, on the morning of Monday, July 1, 2019, the membership office will process a ratification mailing file based upon your states' recognized bargaining unit membership as reflected in the membership database.

To be clear, any membership applications that the State Secretary-Treasurer enters in the database by 12:00 midnight, Friday, June 28, 2019, will show up as members and will be sent a ratification ballot package. Any membership applications entered after that date will not receive a ratification ballot package.

The voting instructions for the members who receive a ratification ballot package are clearly identified on the ratification ballot package itself.

If a member fails to receive a ratification ballot package after a sufficient amount of mail processing time has passed from the July 9, 2019 mailing date, please direct them to this office. A duplicate ratification ballot package will be sent to them "IF" sufficient time will allow for the duplicate ratification ballot package to be mailed and returned in time to be collected and counted by the Ratification Committee.

Two PO Boxes have been rented: one for the voted ratification ballots to which only the Ratification Committee will have access; a second box to which ratification ballot packages will be returned due to any "Undeliverableas Addressed " endorsements. The PO Box identified for the returned undeliverable ratification ballot packages will be checked each day beginning July 15, 2019 in an attempt to correct any bad mailing addresses. Ratification ballot packages with corrected addresses will be re-mailed if time permits as described above.

Ballot Tabulation:

The voted ratification ballots must be received in the designated PO Box by 12:00 Noon EST, Friday, August 2, 2019.

The Ratification Committee will pick up the voted ratification ballot packages after this time and begin the tabulation process as identified in Article XI, Section 4 of the NRLCA National Constitution.

If there are any other questions regarding this process that have not been addressed in the information above, do not hesitate to contact NRLCA Secretary­ Treasurer Clifford Dailing directly.

If you have any questions regarding this information do not hesitate to contact this office.
Sincerely, Clifford D. Dailing
NRLCA Secretary-Treasurer