The South Atlantic Conference includes the states of Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi. 

Well if you weren't in Atlanta at the conference you missed a great meeting. Kentucky was represented by 27 carriers from across the state. A new SAC Board member from Kentucky was installed on Monday. Rebekah Zemo from Versailles is our newest member. She will serve with board member Kim Harrell . We look forward to her serving on the board. 
Saturday started off with the annual Atlanta Postal Credit Unions annual meeting. An inspiring speaker along with cash money given away were some of the high lights. A Labor Seminar with National Officers David Heather and Joey Johnson finished off the night. 
Sundays worship service was conducted by Melissa Watford from South Carolina with special music by Kevin Ray. After the service, the Advancement of Colors followed by the State Colors with President Pam Berry calling the conference to order.  Two new seminars were introduced this year, Information Session for New Carriers and New RCA sessions were both well attended. The afternoon rounded out with the key note speaker, National President Jeanette Dwyer. Afterwards a question and answer with the national board  ended the day. Sunday night a retirement seminar and another new seminar was held. Money Matters 101 was presented by APCU and National General Insurance, Linda Foran.
Monday saw the National Board along with the Area Vice Presidents field questions from the crowd. This is always intense and eye opening. After the SAC Board was installed, the Retirement of Colors and our benediction, the conference was adjourned. 
This is just a short version of the jam packed weekend at SAC. I would encourage you to try an attend next year's conference. It's informative, fun and worth your while to attend.