Board Member Scott Barnes

​We have made it through another Holiday season. Not only do we deal with the increased work flow, but also the stress of  dealing with customers, management, and trying to maintain a normal homelife during the rush of the holiday season. The celebration of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year is supposed to be a special time of year. But for some of us this brings loneliness, sadness, and even anxiety due to increased financial burden
and loss of loved ones. This is especially hard during this time of year. Did you know the postal service offers help? It is free and totally
confidential. It is called Employee Assistance Program (EAP). They offer many different types of counseling and programs to help
employees in need. It does not have to be just around the holidays to seek assistance. You can reach EAP by calling 800-EAP-4YOU. You can
also access information on their website at to see if they offer any programs that might be of interest to you.
In general, let’s be nice to each other. If you see someone that needs help, let them know there are many great programs offered by the postal service.

God Bless,
Scott Barnes, KYRLCA Board Member.