Kentucky has 6 congressional districts, Listed below are the Representatives names and contact information of each one. Just click on their link and you will go to their individual home page. This page will allow you to see how they are voting on Bills, where their offices are located and how you can get in touch with them.

District 1: Representative James Comer

District 2: Representative Brett Guthrie

District 3: Representative John Yarmuth

District 4: Representative Thomas Massie

District 5: Representative Hal Rogers

District 6: Representative Andy Barr    
in addition to his Lexington office, he has mobile hours in every county.
Mitch McConnell
Rand Paul

Wondering how Senators McConnell and Paul are voting on a bill, need their contact information, what about where he's going to be, click on the link below and this will take you to their home pages:



To email the senators, look for the word "Contact" usually in upper right hand corner, phone numbers are at the bottom of the page and they have active informational maps for you to see.