Ms. Jeanette Dwyer
National Rural Letter Carriers' Association
1630 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-3467

Dear Jeanette:
This letter will serve to confirm our mutual understanding of the proper compensation to be provided to rural carriers When handling the tasks associated with work orders received during the testing of Service Performance Measurement (SPM).
As provided in the original instructions, rural carriers are to record the number of delivery point and collection mail piece sample tests (work orders) received on PS Form 4240, RURAL CARRIER TRIP REPORT, using the letter 'D' or 'C', respectively, to correspond to the work orders received. These annotations are transferred to a tracking worksheet by local management. Regular rural carriers will receive the appropriate compensation on a monthly basis through PS Form 8127, Rural Carrier Supplemental Payment; and leave replacements will receive the appropriate compensation each pay period by transferring the total time from the worksheet to PS Form 1314-A, Auxiliary Rural Carrier Time Certificate. These instructions indicated, "Each alert received on the MOD to perform the mail piece sampling is called a "work order." All rural carriers should have received compensation for the number of delivery and collection work orders recorded on Form 4240. If the carrier received an alert on the MOD and "postponed" that alert until he/she reached the actual delivery address for sampling, and the carrier annotated that alert on Form 4240; that alert should have been transferred to the worksheet for proper compensation. We are aware that there may have been improper instructions provided by management indicating that these "postponed" alerts should not be annotated and therefore, NOT compensated. In addition, since these "postponed" alerts are not included in the SPM workbook, which management utilizes to verify the sampling work orders, management may have improperly deducted these entries from the carrier's annotations on Form 4240, before transferring to the worksheet. In those instances where rural carriers have not been compensated for the number of work orders recorded on Form 42340, specifically "postponed" alerts: immediate action must be taken to provide proper compensation. Management may discuss any excessive entries or possible errors listed on Form 4240 and there may be individual circumstances where payment is not applicable. Any additional issues related to SPM compensation will be addressed on a case-by-case basis with the parties at the district level. Beginning  Saturday, September 3, 2016, the method of annotating delivery orders on Form 4240 will be modified. Each time the carrier receives an alert/work order and the carrier hits only escape (ESC) on the scanner, the carrier should enter the letter "A" on Form 4240 and the corresponding number of occurrences. The letter "D" should continue to be annotated for all other delivery point sample alerts/work orders and the letter "C" will continue to correspond to collection mail work orders. The parties will continue to discuss the appropriate compensation to be provided for SPM alerts/work orders based on available rural route data for scanning and non scanning events. Once appropriate compensation has been determined by the parties, this rate(s) will be applied to all alerts and work orders properly recorded and/or verified if available, begging September 3, 2016. Further instructions will be provided outlining the changes to the compensation procedures.

Cathy M. Perron
Contract Administration (NRLCA)
Jeanette Dwyer, President
National Rural Letter Carriers' Association