Web Master   Kim Harrell
A Challenge
 I would like to thank anyone who has sent an article for the site this past year. Those of you who help me keep the site current are appreciated. After all this time of our state having a web site, I still do not hear from all the districts. As a challenge for the upcoming year, lets try to have one new article from the districts, board officers and appointed officers. Remember the site is for information, let’s keep our members informed. It has been my pleasurer to serve as your Web Master this past year.
Kim Harrell

The Web master shall work with the Media Advisory Committee to establish an informative website for the membership, The Web Master will comply with all guidelines given by the Media Advisory Committee as set forth in the Board Polices. The Web Master will give a written report to the State Board prior to each board meeting as well as an annual report to the membership at the State Convention.